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Website originally developed by Iacopo Gurrieri at the age of 14.Once Iacopo became an engineer, he founded a company called "Soluzioni Ingegneristiche SRL". Currently the maintenance of the site is given to Soluzioni Ingegneristiche SRL on behalf of Tuscany-Chianti-Wine.com.
The graphics have deliberately keep unchanged, we have limited ourselves to changing very small aspects forced by the progress of technologies. We hope you enjoy the simple and pure appearance.

At the present time

Tuscany, Italy: the cradle of the Renaissance and the home of good wine, the geographical area facilitates the learning of the art of wine. Hence Tuscany-Chianti-Wine.com was born the official website of Tuscan wine!
Our goal is to create the definitive portal to the Tuscan Chianti wine.

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