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The glass

Glass Container used for drink the wine has several shapes and is produced with various materials. Near the Greeks and Roman the glasies for drink the wine were of clay or wood, even if those forged with precious metals did not lack. Subsequently they came uses other materials you like the crystal of rocca, the glass, the artificial crystal. The glass from wine has assumed varied fogge in the course of the centuries; today, but, it is preferred to use a limited number of shapes, in relation to the characteristics of the drink to which it is destined, as as an example the wine. In particular for the tasting of whichever wine the shape covers remarkable importance in how much can falsarne the organolettiche characteristics of the wine. Moreover the glasies from wine are preferibilmente incolori and transparent in order not to modify the aspect of the wine. Other important characteristics are given from the lightness and the thickness of the glass from wine, that it must usually turn out thin. The shapes of the glass from wine vary based on use. The greater differences are found in the glasies from wine; these rest on a stelo, they are said decreases to us and they differ to second of the wine variety that must contain. It decreases to us from red wine are fundamentalally of two types: a large one and panciuto (ballon), used for the red wine a lot ages, for giving they to you way to oxygenate itself; the other wide and slanciato (bordolese ones), adapted to the red wine in a generalized manner. The wine white man, to they time, can demand: a goblet much slanciato to shape of half-open tulipano, with light throttling right under the mouth, adapted for the types of perfumed and mature wine; a lengthened and rounded off goblet (similar to the bordolese, but more small) adapted for the wine white man in a generalized manner. The goblet from dry sparkling wine and champagne is the flûte, to shape of cone generally turned over, able to receive the spuma of the wine; the mouth must be sufficiently wide in order to allow the taster to smell the type of wine when the door to the mouth. The goblets, once destined to sparkling wines buckets and champagne, go classified to the sparkling wines sweet and aromati to us. Finally for the liquorosi types of wine a small glass is used, plus tightened towards the high. A goblet for the rosato wine is previewed moreover, traditionally svasato towards the high, whose defect, but, is to dissipate, instead withholding, the scents of the wine; therefore this enologica variety servants in the goblet from red wine (if of color intense rose tending to the cerasuolo like chiaretti) or in that one for the wine the aromatic white man (if of color rose or clear rose). The water can be served in glass, that is not in goblet, to place side by side to it decreases to us for wine.

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