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Sativa vinifera Vitis ssp., the grapevine from wine

Original plant of the cosmopolita caucasica region and by now considered, the grapevine from wine has ermafroditi flowers and leaves palminervie, with deep lobature; he is resistant to limestone lands, but sensitive to the several pathologies from nematodi, fungi and, in particular, to the fillossera (Phylloxera vitifolii). For this reason, it comes of usual grafted on stocks of resistant lives to this bug, like much species Americans (that they act as from portainnesti); or, it comes intercrossed with other species in order to obtain able hybrids to resist to the fillossera and that they do not have to be it grafts (the so-called frank lives to you of foot). Numerous varieties (cultivar) currently existing are vocate to the wine production (like cultivar the Pinot) or to the direct consumption (grapes from table, like cultivar the Queen), or can as an example have a twofold employment (cultivar the Moscato). The cultivation of the grapevine (viticoltura) constitutes a fundamental economic resource for many areas of climates moderates and moderate-warmth to you. Scientific classification: The lives constitute the Vitis kind of the family of the vitacee, order ramnali, class dicotiledoni, division angiosperms.

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