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Champagne (wine) Sparkling wine produced with traditional methods in omonima the French region around to Reims and Epernay. Although other French regions expect to have produced to sparkling wines in remoter times, the place was sure the region of the Champagne in which such production it was developed in meaningful amounts. The lives were implanted in the zone from the monaci that they resided in the local abbeys. At first, the only produced wines were firm table wines. Towards the end of XVII the century, however, the monaci passed to the sparkling wine fabrication. It is thought that the champagne it has been invented from monaco the Dom Pérignon, to cantiniere of the abbey of Hautvillers, than between the end of 1600 and the beginnings of the 1700 it was taken care of the selection of vitigni of black Pinot, Chardonnay and Pinot meunier. A monaco ingegnò to vinificare miscelando various grapes and making to ferment the directly obtained wine therefore in bottles of heavy glass and being used cork stoppers (those usually it employs to you, of oil hemp imbevuta, they did not close the bottle watertight and therefore the wine exploded to every beginning of fermentation).

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