Tipologie of champagne

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Tipologie of champagne

Based on the added percentage of liqueur various types of champagne are had: in brut sugars they are inferior to 15 grammi/litro; in the extra dry they are comprised between 12 and 20 grammi/litro; in the dry, or dry, the sugars are comprised between 17 and 35 grammi/litro; in the demi sec, between 33 and 50 grammi/litro and in the doux, or cake, the sugars are advanced to 50 grammi/litro. The champagne they can be sans année or millesimé; first they are made with wine mixtures of different vintage years. This allows to have a wine that has constant characteristics in the time, without that is variations of year in year. Those call to you millesimé, instead, come from the same grape harvest of an only vintage year, than usually he has been exceptional. Sparkling wines only made from grapes Chardonnay are said blanc de blancs, while those only black grapes are call to you blanc de noirs.

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