From the Middle Ages to the mediceo state

The history of the Tuscany

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From the Middle Ages to the mediceo state

The economic resumption after year Thousands was centralized on the exceptional mercantile and manifacturing development, that it had its propulsori centers in some cities like Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pisa, Arezzo, Pistoia, that they would have become in the 1300's the financial vanguards of mercantile Capitalism and in Europe. Important the city economy divenne also to European level, and it was associated the happened one of the communal autonomy, lived from the élites city in contrast with the rural world, still dominated from the feudalesimo and the political structures of the empire. The expansion was blocked from the black plague of 1348, whose devastating effects not only modified the demographic and productive equilibriums, but influenced also the political guidelines. It began then along cycle of fights between small potentati, movements from the hegemonic ambitions of single families and single cities. To the end Florence was prevailed, than in the arc of a century it succeeded to subject Pistoia, Arezzo, Pisa, and in whose it walls it consolidated the economic and political power of the Doctors. The transition from the city communal state to the Lordship on regional base happened between tearing inner contrasts, rimarcate from the republican regimes that were establish you for two times, from 1494 to 1512, the time of Savonarola, and from 1527 to 1539, and between the external interferences of the Church, the emperor and France. With the stabilization of the Doctors, goal achieved under Cosimo (1537-1574), their dominion assumed one completed dimension including the territory of the Republic of Siena (1557), but accepting the autonomy of Lucca. The Doctors, that they had the title it of granduchi in 1570, defended, also in the sour climate of the Controriforma, that cosmopolita print, culturally free, of aware mecenatismo of the values of the art like of the science, with which Lorenzo the Magnificent one had governed Florence in XV the century. The from Tuscany state tied its fates to those of the family, it lived some makes yourself of decline therefore like those of splendor, and of it it followed the international logons emphasized as well as from the ties with Rome, remained always many straits, how much from those with the empire, within whose labili borders the Tuscany was registered.

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