Wine characteristics

Tuscany Chianti Wine

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Main characteristics of the wine:

  • Sweetish Wine: Wine with leggermente sweet taste, residual of sugars still indecomposti;
  • Acidita Wine: Parameter that the total of present acids in the wine indicates and of it express the gradevolezza and the state of conservation; measure in g/l;
  • Adulterated Wine: Containing wine substances prohibited from the law or in various concentrations from those previewed;
  • Amiable Wine: Wine with sweet taste (sugars comprised between 14 and 25 g/l);
  • Wine Aroma: Perception of olfattivo type that perceives in the region back-nasal after the ingestion of the wine;
  • Wine Bouquet: Scent of the wine after the aging;
  • Shining Wine: Wine of luminous color;
  • Brut Wine: Dry sparkling wine;
  • Wine Body: With of the members of a wine, excluded the water and the alcohol;
  • Cuvée wine: Obtained wine opportunely stirring wines of vintage year and various origin;
  • Sweet Wine: Wine with decidedly sweet taste, having a advanced content of sugars to wines bites to you and amiable;
  • Floreale Wine: Wine with scent of flowers;
  • Fresh Wine: Young wine with a taste acid and scent leggermente yielded;
  • Yielded Wine: Young wine with scent and sapore of fruit;
  • Young Wine: Wine not still ready for the tasting;
  • Light Wine: Wine with low alcoholic gradazione;
  • Limpid Wine: Wine in which are absent suspended particles or sediments;
  • Liquoroso Wine: Wine of structure and alcoholic gradazione similar to that one of a liqueur;
  • Mature Wine: Ready wine for the tasting, whose property of sapore and scent begin to diminish;
  • Soft Wine: Wine of taste in sweet prevalence, in which alcohol, tannins and acids they are in equilibrium;
  • Wine Raisin wine: Containing wine manysugars and alcohol, obtained made grapes to wither;
  • Perlage Wine: With of the bollicine that are formed in a glass of sparkling wine. If it is composed from continuous rows of fine bollicine, denotes the good quality of the sparkling wine;
  • Retrogusto Wine: Permane perception ofgustativo type that after the ingestion of the wine;
  • Sboccatura Wine: or DEGOUGEMENT Operation executed during the production of the sparkling wine, with which they are eliminated I placed to you formed on the bottom of the bottle;
  • Dry wine: Wine in which sugars they are absent;
  • Wine Structure: With of the substancesthat compose a wine;
  • Wine Cut: Practical that consists in stirring various wines;
  • Wine Tannin: Member of the wine deriving from the peels of the grape; present above all in the red ones, of it improves the conservation; he confers allappantetaste;
  • Veiled Wine: Wine with sediments and suspended particles;
  • Lively Wine: Containing wine carbon dioxide.
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