Climate and atmosphere

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Climate and atmosphere

Also in the climatic conditions the Tuscany that is puts in evidence that one that is it's more typical geographic characteristic, the fact to represent one intermediate region between Po Italy and Mediterranean Italy. The climate is therefore mild, but on the whole not lacking in continentalità connotations; the marine influences of the Tyrrhenian one are placed side by side to those montani legacies to the altitudes of the Appennino. Therefore the summer is fresh on the reliefs, but much sultry warmth and in conche vallive (the 16 °C in average in July-August to the Abetone, that it is to quota 1,388 m; 25 °C to Florence, with principles that catch up the 37 °C). The winter is mild in the localities situated along the coastal plain, but rigid in it goes them inner, with next temperatures to those of the Po Plain: the 9 °C in Versilia and 4 °C are recorded to Siena or Arezzo. However, in order to limit itself to the last years, in 1991 to Florence they are touches the -17 °C to you; the capoluogo regional it has in kind nearly 40 days to the year with temperatures under the 0 °C. The intermediate seasons are most rainy; however the Tuscany is, between all the regions of Italy pointed out on the mar Tyrrhenian, that one with smaller precipitations. The minims, on i 700 milimeter annual, are recorded in go them inner, sluices to the humid influences of the twenty coming from ones from the sea; the principles, on i 1,500 milimeter annual, correspond to the depositors more elevate you of the Appennino and the Alps Apuane, than to the contrary they have an action "of capture" of the twenty humid ones of Atlantic origin. Been involved in a strong economic development, that it privileges the industry and the bathing tourism of mass on the coast, the Tuscany has pollution not indifferent problems of waters and the air, and suffers moreover from a serious dissesto of fluvial river beds (to begin from that one of the Arno) and the montani depositors, frequently subject to landslides. Between the protected areas (regional parks, natural reservoirs, oasis etc), remember those of the Fen, of mounts of the Uccellina, of Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli, of the from Tuscany Archipelago, of the casentinesi Forests, of the Alps Apuane, of the forest of the Abetone, of the Argentario, let alone the faunistico shelter of Orbetello.

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