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Method of production and imbottigliamento

The production on immense scale of the champagne began, but, only to the half of XIX the century, with the birth and the affirmation of great wine cellars like Veuve Clicquot, Krug, Bollinger and Moët ET Chandon. The production method is remained invariato until our days: the first fermentation creates a firm wine, rather acid. This wine base is prepared in affixed presses to you with a light tamping to low pressure of grapes, with percentages that are gone around around to 80% of black grapes of black Pinot and Pinot meunier, that they come vinificate in.bianco (is worth to say that the juice does not come left to contact with the peels) and of grapes Chardonnay white women. They obtain, therefore, various wines white men buckets that come miscelati in appropriate bathtubs. To this wine base a cane sugar part is added, call liqueur de tirage, and a part of leavens selects to you; therefore it comes bottled. For this operation they come used resistant bottles much, that they are in a position to containing the pressure provoked from the carbon dioxide that shape during the second fermentation. In this phase, the bottles come put in horizontal position in fresh wine cellars in order to allow the formation to their inside of the characteristic effervescenza, that is the taken one of spuma. Subsequently, the bottles come enfilades, in tilted position, in special supports, sayings pupitres, in order to make to slip in the neck of the bottle the formed sediment. It is the moment of the operation that takes the name of rémuage and that it consists in small, I am decided and very it determines shakings to you of the bottle and its progressive inclination so that to the end the neck turns out turned towards the bottom. The sediment, than will have been deposited on the stopper, comes eliminated, therefore, through the sboccatura: the neck of the bottle in one is dipped cooling solution, to one temperature of -25° degrees. In the neck of the bottle a ghiacciolo is formed that it withholds in himself the sediment and that comes expelled when stappa the bottle. The wine that is lost in the sboccatura operation comes reintegrato (tucks) with the added one of the so-called one liqueur of expedition, that it has a secret formula, to second of the producer, and that it can be composed from old wines, from cognac, from rum and sugar or other. The bottles come ritappate a second time and the wine, after to have still rested for some time, is ready for being commercialized.

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