Tuscany Chianti Wine

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How to serve it

The champagne comes served to the optimal temperature of 7 degrees, than it must be never caught up gradually and with the aid of the freezer. The stappatura must be made without botto, in order to avoid that bouquet, that is the scents that the wine gives off, and spuma are dispersed: it must hold the stopper with the hand and to sweetly ruotare the bottle, held with the other hand. In case the stopper let out hard work, can be used of the appropriate pliers. When the bottle is stappata, it can be conserved to its ideal temperature, dipping it in secchiello an overflow of an ice part and a water part.

Form you of bottle

The bottles of champagne have various form to you: there are those from a quarter (18,7 cl), average (the 37,5 cl) and the normal bottle (75 cl); then they arrive you form you particular like the Magnum, that it is equivalent to two bottles, the Jeroboam to four, the Rehoboam to six, the Mathusalem to eight, the Salmanazar to twelve, the Baltazar to sixteen and, finally, the Nabucodonosor to twenty bottles. For a better conservation however to the normal bottles and the Magnum are advised.

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