Species representative of the grapevine

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Species representative of the grapevine

The Vitis kind comprises approximately 30 species of Asian origin and euro-Asian and 40 Americans. Between the species Asian, V. is distinguished amurensis, of the region of the Amur river, able to resist until -40 °C and to the oidio. Between the species Americans, it is possible to distinguish the lives adapted to climates moderates to you, that they comprise: the group of the lives of Canada and the North of the United States, between which V. labrusca, or grape strawberry (to ermafroditi flowers, rinomata for its small clusters red-dark of acini and zuccherini, extremely resistant to the crittogamiche diseases and the cold); the group of the American lives, which riparia (to dioici flowers, resistant V. to the cold and asphyxiated and humid lands because it grows in proximity of the rivers of the rivers), V. berlandieri (to ermafroditi flowers, resistant to the siccità and the limestone lands) and V. rupestris (to dioici flowers, resistant to the siccità and poor lands); the group of the lives of California, like arizonica V. and californica V.. Between the species Americans the lives of tropical climates are identified moreover, like smaliana V. and caribaea V.. Of origin euro-Asian it is instead vinifera V. ssp. silvestris (that is subspecies silvestris), spontaneous plant with dioici flowers and small clusters of tawny fruits of sour sapore, from which, for a mutation happened to level of gems, it is derived the more important grapevine from an economic point of view, sativa vinifera the V. subspecies ssp., that is the grapevine from wine.

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