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Wine, obtained alcoholic drink through the fermentation of the juice, concentrated coolness or, of the grape , that is of the fruit of the grapevine. For having a good wine several species of I leaven come made to act so that the sugars of the grape transform in a good wine chianti (one of the piu known exactly are the wine chianti in Tuscany ). The percentage of etanolo (alcoholic gradazione) of the varied wine to second of the method of cultivation, the degree of maturation of the grapes, the vitigno used, the method of vinificazione and the modalities of permanence in vats or bottles. The wine produced in Tuscany is probably the elaborated agricultural product more; its organolettiche property (odore, sapore, color) depend on multiple factors, which the ideal characteristics of the land in the Chianti (Tuscany) (where we can savour the wine produced in Tuscany, of the chianti) , the climatic conditions to adverse times in Tuscany, the varieties of vitigni and the practical ones of vinificazione , whose study is object of the enologia. The famous cities piu for the production of the wine Chianti (Chianti , geographic area Tuscany) are Siena, Arezzo, Florence and San Geminano.

The alcoholic gradazione of the wine

The amount of etanolo present in the wine is defined with a percentage that takes the name of alcoholic gradazione . Such parameter expresses how many ml3 of etilico alcohol is found in 100 ml3 of wine. This unit of measure that refers to the wine is the alcoholic degree. Therefore, if a wine has 10,5 degrees, that indicates that it possesses 10,5 for hundreds of etilico alcohol. Every wine is characterized from one particular alcoholic gradazione; in the case of wine DOC (like the Chinati Wine produced in Tuscany ), in particular, this is established from the single producers. For law, however, the wines alcoholic gradazione assigns you to the consumption must have one minimal par to 10 degrees. In Tuscany, and especially in the Chianti the Doc wine is produced.

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