How to drink wine

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How to drink wine

The small wine minority that it demands along period of rest in bottle would have to be maintained to the buio, in disposed bottles horizontally, an atmosphere fresh (from 10 to 14 °C), humid (80% of relative humidity) and lacking in vibrations. The greater part of the wine, however, does not improve with the aging and would have to be consumed to more soon: this wine can be conserved ovunque for short periods, provided that far away from direct sources of light and heat or in presence of it smells penetrating. The wine distinguishes in wine white man and red wine, to second that the fermentation happens respective with the peels or without the peels of the acini of grape. The wine white man wines served frescho (from 8 to 12 °C and 6 to 8 °C if spumantizzati), while the red wine servants to whom it comes of usual described like "ambient temperature" (from 16 to 18 °C, exceptionally to 19-20 °C). The light and soft red wine is the best one if served leggermente frescho (from 14 to 16 °C). , the more in a generalized manner light it is the wine (is white man who red), plus lowland is the temperature to which he must be served; the wine "full" white man as also the powerful and rich red wine of tannins would have to be you use to the higher temperature. The best glasies from wine are of thin glass, not worked, and would have always to be filled up to the maximum for half in order to allow to appreciate the aroma given off from the wine. For this, when the red and corposo wine demands it express, it comes "scaraffato", that is poured in an appropriate container (decanter) to oxygenate in order to offer, at the moment of the consumption, the better scent offered from the wine. The persistence of the sapore of the wine is an important factor of which holding account in the tasting. As far as, then, the coupling of the wine from foods, exists, in the enologiche guides.

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