The grapevine characteristics

Tuscany Chianti Wine

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Characteristics generate them

The lives are rampicanti wood plants, that they can catch up remarkable length; the flexible stalks are leaned to the substrate and they are tied to you by means of viticci volubili and you deprive to the extremities of the adhesive discs that are found in other vitacee (like the grapevine of Canada). From the main stalk, that it takes the stock name, secondary coppers, the tralci are circulated, on which develop the flowers. These are small and little striking, of tawny to second of the species, ermafroditi or dioici and re-united color verdastro or in infiorescenze to composed cluster; the five sepali fall prematurely, therefore as the five petals fused to the advanced extremities to form one risen of pointed hood. The fruit corresponds to a cluster of berries (acini) containing everyone 1-2 seeds. The increase of the stami determines the separation of the corolla. The leaves simple, are palmato-lobate, and decided in way alternated along the tralci; in opposite position regarding ciascuna of they there is a viticcio.

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